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      1. Contact Us

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         the company contact :
        Name: the Qinghai WuTong (group) Industry Co., LTD
        Address: Qaidam Road 16#, North of Xining ,Qinghai Province
        Zip code: 810003
        Phone: 0971-5131213
        E-mail:wtxs@qhwt.com    qh_wtjt@126.com
        Sales company:              phone:0971-5131069
        Zhang Dehong(manager)     mobile phone:13897220980
        Domestic ferrosilicon sales department:     phone:0971-5133858
                                                fax number:0971-5131960
        Li Yingwei(manager)         mobile phone:13897418292
        International ferrosilicon sales department    phone:0971-5131513
                                                 fax number:0971-5132218
        Li Jun(manager)                          mobile phone:13997034020
        Tianjin Haiqing International Trade          phone:022-66218491
                                                fax number:022-66218461
        Gao Zhengqing(manager)                 mobile phone:13086297105
        Micro silicon powder sales department      phone:0971-5139914
                                                Fax number:0971-5131960
        Shi Lizhong(manager)                    mobile phone:13897425330
        Supply company:                        phone:0971-2290226
                                               Fax number:0971-2290226
        Web site: www.huji8.net
        Ban k of deposit: The agriculture bank the yellow river branch
        Account: 002001040000990
        Tax identification number:63320122659012X
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